Pros and Cons of Unix vs Windows web hosting

Trying to pick out one host provider from a crowd of thousands will usually come down to need and which party fulfills your requirements at the most affordable price. Yet sometimes even determining which provider best meets your needs can prove difficult, especially if you do not know what you are looking for when it comes to one of several considerations you have to make for your hosting plan.

This not only includes band width and disk space but the operating system you will utilize for your site’s operations. While the options can sometimes seem considerable, most decisions with regards to operating systems will come down to a contention between Unix and Windows, the most popular and widely used systems on the market.

The decision made doesn’t revolve around which of the two is better, merely taking the pros and cons of each system into consideration before determining which best suites your individual needs. Hence, it isn’t about which is better, merely which of the two systems will most optimally meet your needs; such a decision requires an understanding of what each system has to offer in relation to the other. There are several Unix hosting providers, but Windows hosting is not offered by all web hosting companies. Godaddy is among the most popular Windows hosting sellers, click here to access Godaddy windows hosting coupon. They offer the choice of both unix and windows hosting servers for every hosting plan. When it comes to Unix hosting, you could choose Siteground. The company has an impressive infrastructure with top technology employed to give the very best hosting experience. Here is a link to Siteground promos.

The pros and cons of Unix hosting and Windows hosting can be understood as such:

Ease of use – Very few web site owners take an interest in the chores of administering their online resource, and indeed for most management is little more than a mandatory hassle; and as such how easy a system is to use as well as the difficulty of learning will prove important to most individuals. You could say that ease of use depends on individual skill, but the fact is Unix is difficult to install and manage and learning your way round its use will prove drastically more difficult than the user friendly windows. Get windows shared web hosting at major discount – A2hosting Off 51%.

Programming language – To some this might come down to preferences, but to others it will determine the ease of management and maintenance, especially with regards to the windows supported visual basic and ASP, or the Unix supported PHP, CGI and Perl. It all depends on preferences and the types and formats of files to be coded. Either way for most all that matters is that both can support Java.

Database – This comes down to complexity. With the windows operating system you can expect to contend with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL; while Unix makes available MySQL. On the one hand if you wish to make use of MySQL, Unix offers the best system for the technology, yet MS SQL will prove doubly valuable for more complex database structures.

Some people will take into consideration the file transfer protocol, the protocol key to transferring files from server to computer; however considering that FTP is pre-installed in most cases on a server, chances are this is not a consideration you will have to make as both systems support FTP. Though you will have to make considerations for which FTP program you will make use of.

Minus differences in web tools such Windows’ internet information service and Unix’ Apache, it could be argued that it makes little differences which of these two you use, especially if you intend to host a relatively basic web site. There is a reason many providers do not even offer this choice, choosing to run the more popular Linux unless condition suggest otherwise.

Most preferred web hosting providers of Unix hosting include Bluehost and Hostmonster. If you want to avail the latest coupon code for Bluehost, head straight to While Hostpapa provides both Unix and Windows hosting, their Unix hosting plans are more popular. Here you can find best Hostpapa discount code.

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